Sunday, August 08, 2004

Return to Ritual-Metaphysical Masonry

The light of Freemasonry is dimming, not because memberships are dropping but because Masonry has lost its metaphysical meanings. Whether this is because the oral tradition or teaching have been lost or because collectively some Masons decided their was no value in the metaphysical side of Masonry I do not know.

I believe that it is the metaphysical aspect that will return the true Light to Masonry. Every thing in Masonry is a symbol. If for example, the rituals were returned to the symbolic teachings they once were, and the meanings of these rituals were taught and studied, Masonry would begin its journey back to the ancient mystery school it once was.

Those Masons who have "edited" the rituals over the years did so, perhaps with the intent of removing all metaphysics from Masonry, or because they knew no metaphysics and were ignorant of what they were doing.

In either case, the heart (and true light) of masonry is being slowly snuffed out. Masonry, is a philosophy which accepts people of all faiths. Those who study the metaphysics of Masonry bring to their lives and their faiths a better person.

Physics is the study of the visible universe and Metaphysics is the study of the invisible universe. The purpose of Metaphysics is to lead the mind from the consideration of forms and bodies to an understanding of the principles which animate these forms and bodies.

Visible nature is but a small part of our existence. Although we are limited to visible nature in our present state we can never live intelligently or think accurately until we have some understanding of that larger world which extends beyond the physical shell of our environment.

Metaphysics is taught through many disciplines, among them Freemasonry. I believe through the symbols, rites, and rituals Masonry provides us with a foundation in metaphysical thought. This foundation is a foundation in superphysical principles.

I would like to see those who seek to recover this aspect of Masonry make their voices heard. There are those of us who have studied in silence for many years and are ready to answer any Masons' earnest voice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am pleased to see such a clear and consise definition in the 5th paragraph of the elusive term "metaphysics." Thank you for making that difficult concept more comprehensible to me.

August 25, 2004 at 9:57 AM  

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